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Veronica Mars Season 3 Soundtrack Challenge

Veronica Mars Season 3 Soundtrack Challenge

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June 19th 2006 - July 14th 2006

Sound and Music are integral part of television, a bad score can always shoot down a production and a good score if utilized properly can even create history in television programming.

If there was one thing that Veronica Mars is known for, it is for the best music on TV today. The music of Veronica Mars inspires us and says so much about the characters and the situations that they are in daily.

The Challenge:

We challenge all of you to make the soundtrack for Veronica Mars Season Three. The Season has yet to begin, yet there have been hints as to what will happen this coming season. Think of this coming season as a blank. You are Rob Thomas. You are controlling what will happen this season. You control what the Motives of the Week are; if Logan and Veronica break up in the first episode, if Dick and Mac suddenly get drunk and get married, or if Cassidy suddenly comes back from the grave. You are the creator of the show. And now you have to choose the music to match it.

title or description

Pimp, Pimp, and Pimp some more.
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