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Fic: Know Her (7/?) LoVe

Title: Know Her (7/?)
Author: lipstikstain
Pairing: LoVe mainly, but this part mostly revolves around Logan and Weevil
Word Count: 3, 213
Rating: R for language, but eventually some NC-17 LoVe
Spoilers: Nothing at all - but to be safe all of season 1 and all episodes aired so far in season 2
Summary: Logan was living under the radar in the beaches of Mexico, regretful that he ever left Veronica. Now, almost 7 years later, fate forces Logan to face reality: lose her forever or try and win her back, but he has to get to know her first.
Disclaimer: Not mine - all Rob's.

A/N: I’ve decided to add music at the end of this chapter (which is available for DOWNLOAD HERE and at the end of the chapter) to add some *pizzaz* or drama to the closing scene.

A/N: Thank you to all of who have been reading/following this story and been graciously giving me feedback – I ABSOLUTELY appreciate it.

Know Her Part 7
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