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Fic: Know Her (8/?)

Title: Know Her (8/?)
Author: lipstikstain
Pairing: LoVe, mentions Duncan, and Daddy Mars
Word Count: 3, 406
Rating: R for language and very light sexual situations, but eventually some NC-17 LoVe
Spoilers: Nothing at all - but to be safe all of season 1 and all episodes aired so far in season 2
Summary: Finally earning the right to know Veronica’s whereabouts, Logan only has a little less than 2 weeks to stop a wedding and win her back but is dealt with the blow of her resistance to his pleas for forgiveness and a second chance.
Disclaimer: Not mine - all Rob's.

A/N: Since I added a closing song to the last chapter, I’m officially addicted. So you can DOWNLOAD HERE or at the end of the chapter for the music. I uploaded the song on to MU and an advertisement may pop up, but you can bypass it by clicking on continue with megaupload, and that should bring you back to the appropriate page.

A/N: For everyone who has been keeping up with my slow updates – THANK YOU!! You guys are very kind and I always appreciate your positive feedbacks and constructive criticisms which are always very motivating. I promise to try and have a new chapter up every week, but don’t hold me on that. 

Know Her Part 8
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