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Fic: Know Her 10/? (LoVe, Ensemble) R

Title: Know Her 10/? (LoVe, Ensemble) R
Author: lipstikstain
Pairing: LoVe, Ensemble
Word Count: 4,665
Rating: R for language – but eventually some NC-17 LoVe
Spoilers: Nothing at all - but to be safe all of season 1 and all episodes aired so far in season 2
Summary: Finally earning the right to know Veronica’s whereabouts, Logan only has a little less than 2 weeks to stop a wedding and win her back but is dealt with the blow of her resistance to his pleas for forgiveness and a second chance.
Disclaimer: Not mine - all Rob's.

A/N: As usual, closing song can be DOWNLOADED HERE or at the end of the chapter.

A/N: Soooooooooooooo SORRY with the time it took me to update. Drama with school…you know how it is. A special THANKS to lapdogdesign for the encouragement to get off my butt and finish this chapter already. The events in this chapter were all suppose to be spread out into future chapters, but I figured that I need to move faster with this fic. Also, this chapter is a little bland since I am still recuperating from “school work drama”. 

Know Her Part 10/?
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