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Fic: Know Her 11/? (LoVe, Duncan) R-NC-17

Title: Know Her 11/? (LoVe, Duncan) R - NC-17
Author: lipstikstain
Pairing: LoVe, Duncan
Word Count: 3,946
Rating: R for language – some NC-17, but very light
Spoilers: Nothing at all - but to be safe all of season 1 and all episodes aired so far in season 2
Summary: Finally earning the right to know Veronica’s whereabouts, Logan only has a little less than 2 weeks to stop a wedding and win her back but is dealt with the blow of her resistance to his pleas for forgiveness and a second chance.
Disclaimer: Not mine - all Rob's.

A/N: As usual, closing song can be
DOWNLOADED HERE or at the end of the chapter

Know Her 11/?
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