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Flex for your Ex : February feat. Lilly/Veronica

Flex for your Ex :: Where AU is Reality

Flex for your Ex
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[*] Kaylene all_mix3d_up - Uptown girl, not living in whatever the rest says world. :) Big fan of Veronica Mars, even bigger of the VM-net community. Student. Scrapbook. Dance. Photography. Jossverse. Film Studies.

[*]Melissa misa_05

About 'Flex for your Ex'
About 'Flex for your Ex' When I heard Logan say "Hey DK, Flex for your Ex.." I nearly sprayed Coke all over my bed. And the phrase kinda stuck. I thought it was the cutest thing ever, even better than "Be Cool, Sodapop." ;) So that's what it's all about. Flexing for our exes - reality that is. I demand Logan and Veronica to still be together..so we're flexing reality to make it happen. Works for any couple. Try it. ;)

Rules Blah. They suck. Join, and you're an offical member. If you want a button, they're below. If you take buttons from someone, credit them. Etc. It's pretty much internet politeness. :) Shipperwise... I don't think there's any rules. You wanna see Duncan and Logan together (offcast on the eyebrows) Well that's cool. I guess. :-D Here are the rules though.

[x] EVERYTHING is accepted here. Fic, Art, Soundtracks/Mixes, Videos. IF your fic MIGHT contain a spoiler LABEL it. SOME of us are waiting until the DVD comes out. We're just weird like that.

[x] If your fic/art has something not clean for the kiddies, just to be on the safe side, again, label it. :)

Be Cool Sodapop!
Wanna Be Cool, Soda Pop? Then wave your Veronica Mars banner with pride. :) I was discussing Veronica Mars with someone the other day. Their responce? "People actually watch that?" Of COURSE we do!

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